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Kraken exists not only so that anyone can buy goods that cannot be bought in a regular store. It is often used by those who want to build a profitable business that will not be subject to constant checks and restrictions. This business is based on direct sales of various products. We will discuss how to open a store on Kraken on our сайт.

How to open a store on Kraken

Before opening any store, you need to acquire goods. You must make sure that your product will be competitive and you can make money from it. Next, you need to study the rules of trading on kraken onion. If they don't suit you, then don't start. The next step is to submit an application to open a retail outlet. Send a request to the Kraken administrators, in which you indicate what you plan to trade, what your name will be store and some other information. Remember, to open a store you will need a new account on, and using a user account is prohibited. After a positive response is received to your application, you can safely add products to the store, place promotional materials and start trading. Good luck!